Miles Wolstenholme and Oaktor Solutions (our, us, we) share the belief that art should be seen and not hoarded.

As of May 2015 many of our photographs from Devon and Cornwall are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY) license.

Please note: not all of our photos have the CC license. So please check individual images carefully.

The photographs are on our Flickr gallery.

To help you identify which photographs can be used please see these simple guidelines:

  • Below the “Taken on” date it will read:  “Some rights reserved” as shown on this image:Some Rights Reserved
  • The image tags will shown both “Creative Commons Attribution” and “CC-BY“, as shown on this image:Image Tags
  • The majority of our Creative Commons licensed images can be found within the “Creative Commons Attribution” album.

Using Our CC-Licensed Photographs

These photographs remain the copyright of Miles Wolstenholme.

You are free to use these images as you wish, but you MUST agree to abide by these terms:

  1. By using our photographs you agree to attribute us (provide credit) as the original photographer.
  2. The attribution text should read: Photo by: Miles Wolstenholme
  3. The attribution text must be displayed clearly alongside the photo, not hidden away.
  4. A link back to this website would be most appreciated, but remains entirely at your discretion.

The Small Print

We hereby reserve the right to charge a commercial licensing fee for images which do not display our attribution text, or meet our requirements.

If you want to waive (remove) the attribution text you must gain our express written permission and pay the licensing fee.

If you are caught using our photographs without attribution we will consider it a breach of license and you can expect to hear from our lawyers and/or to pay the commercial rate.