A photograph of Miles Wolstenholme

Miles Wolstenholme

My name is Miles Wolstenholme, Oaktor Solutions is my trading name. While I am the sole member of this company, I often work closely with my network of trusted partners to deliver a professional-quality web development service to businesses across the South West of England and the broader United Kingdom.

I have been interested in computers since childhood – starting with a green screen Commodore PET! But, it was not until graduating did I become truly passionate about technology and its application for business use. I like to think my love for computing helps my clients adopt new technologies and think outside the proverbial box.

My first jobs were in IT Support – and later in IT & Systems Management. These often involved interacting with other departments in the businesses, allowing me to pick up complementary skills like sales and online marketing. As I diversified it quickly became apparent that I could fuse many of these disciplines together to provide a comprehensive web service.

I have been developing websites since 1993, and while technology has changed massively since the first generation of browsers much has also remained constant. Most sites are interactive company brochures, designed to attract new business and support existing customers. They need to deliver clear, concise messaging in an easily digested form and be able to facilitate communication. I provide websites that are easy to read, simple to navigate and work consistently on as many devices as possible.

Nowadays I run my own business, often working virtually with host companies to provide a transparent (white-labelled) service. These companies retain my services for a negotiable fee and leverage my skills and experience for their own business needs. Working in this manner has given me the flexibility to support a young family and also to embrace my outdoor photography.

How can I help you today?

Either take a look at my services page (which probably looks like every other web designer’s service page and maybe just as confusing), or you can get in touch, and we can discuss your needs without further delay.