We get asked many questions and realise that it might save you some time to show the answers to some:

  1. Is your landscape/nature photography for sale? (prints, digital licenses etc.)
    Possibly, it depends on the image and subject matter. Please contact us to discuss.
  2. Do you have a company newsletter?
    Yes, please use the form on our contact page and tick the “Opt-in to company newsletter”.
  3. Do you offer web hosting?
    No. But we can work with your chosen web hosting provider to set up your website and/or maintain your website.
  4. Do you offer your own domain name management/registration service?
    We can work with your chosen domain registrar to provide this service. We have many years experience in domain names and currently manage over 100 domain names for our clients.
  5. Do you recommend we use WordPress for our website?
    It really depends on the context. Whilst we love WordPress, it is not for everything. Please contact us to discuss.
  6. Can you maintain/update our WordPress website?
    Possibly, we do offer a website maintenance service (see under services on the main menu). Let’s discuss over the phone?
  7. Can we see examples of your photography?
    Sure – take a look at our nature photography page and keep an eye on our company blog.