New Digital Photography Service

Crepuscular rays penetrate the damp, mossy heart of Abbeyford Woods in DevonWith over ten years experience as landscape / nature photographers, we have decided to expand upon our existing skillset and offer a bespoke photography service to our clients. After all, we are increasingly taking photographs of friends, family, and colleagues and our photographs of Devon and Cornwall have now appeared in books, newspapers, and magazines (not to mention lots of websites and social networks).

We do realise that nature photography is a very different ballgame to portrait and product photography, so we are easing into this side of the business with some heavily discounted rates (in return for using selected photographs to promote our own service). Just think what a huge difference having some exclusive photography on your website will make!

As and when we get photography work we will feature some of the images in our news/blog.

But until then you can see some of our favourite photographs in our new nature photography gallery.