SCALE – A Luxurious Holiday Apartment In Salcombe, Devon

SCALE – A Luxurious Holiday Apartment in Salcombe, Devon

We were recently commissioned to photograph a stunning new holiday apartment in the pretty seaside town of Salcombe in Devon.

When we arrived, the weather was fantastic with bright sunshine pouring through all the windows and reflections dancing off the nearby sea. We had a lengthy chat with the owners who had designed and overseen the entire build, and then took a tour so they could show just how amazing the property really is!

Their attention to detail was incredible with massive gable-end windows, high-quality furnishings throughout, and bespoke ironmongery from a local blacksmith. It really is one of those “grand designs”.

Whilst the bright sunshine was perfect for a beach holiday – it wasn’t the easiest conditions for interior photography! So we decided to use a wide angle lens and the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo technique to preserve as much detail as possible – both inside and outside. This was especially important to illustrate just how spacious and airy the apartment is, whilst preserving the the stunning views of North Sands Beach and the adjacent wooded valley.

You can find our photos on the Salcombe Scale photo gallery.