Web Design, and more

My core business is web design, it is what I am most passionate about – and I think that is really important with any work that you do.

However, having said that, web design is actually a complementary fusion of many disciplines and technologies. It is not just coding. Over the years I have worked within many departments supporting technology, publishing, sales, management and marketing teams. As such, I can sometimes offer additional services to make your goal of creating and maintaining an online presence easier – and ultimately less stressful.

A person coding with a laptop computer

Other Services

Website Consultancy

I can provide a fresh pair of eyes to examine your existing website and possibly suggest some improvements.

Website Maintenance

You may already have a website, but are you looking after it? Regular maintenance is essential to continued success.

Technical Support

I might be able to resolve your IT headaches and banish those pesky gremlins!


I can transfer my skills and knowledge so you can take control of your website and systems.

Domain Management

I can work with your domain registrar to ensure your website, applications and email works as intended.

Database Operations

I can help to optimise, migrate, extend and otherwise manage your SQL databases.

Website Migration

Looking to move to a new hosting provider but lack the know-how to move your website?

Please get in touch and we can discuss which of these services are relevant to your project