A picture is worth a thousand words

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But in reality, this is only the case if the image is contextual to the story you are telling.

A decorative image of a camera lensSadly too many websites still use old, generic and over-used stock imagery (which may also appear on your competitor’s website). In many cases these photographs have been added without much thought, simply to break up the surrounding text.

A well-placed photograph of your business, products and/or services, together with some choice words, creates a very powerful message. The imagery actually reinforces your message, rather than simply making the website look prettier.

Examples could include

  • Photography of your holiday accommodation business (bed and breakfasts, hotels, holiday cottages, campsites etc.)
  • Photographs of your products (arts, crafts etc.)
  • Photographic portraits of you and your colleagues
  • Photographs of your fleet of vehicles (your van, taxis etc.)

Plus we’ll do all the editing, delivering high-quality digital imagery optimised for both download speed and quality.

To see some examples of our photography please take a look at our nature photography page and keep an eye on the photography category of our blog.