Helping to remove the "IT Headache"

Technical support is often a luxury afforded to larger businesses and enterprises. Many small businesses simply don’t have the internal resource to handle gnarly issues with their computers, websites, and communications – often having to rely on service providers or rental companies with thousands of other customers.

Thus technical “headaches” can quickly escalate, distracting you from daily business and more important activities.

Having spent over 18 years managing Information Technology and periphery systems, we might be able to offer your business a comprehensive support package (depending on the platforms and technologies you use).

For entirely practical reasons, our hands-on technical support is limited to companies in the West Devon and East Cornwall locale. However, we can offer technical assistance for other businesses using Internet technologies like Skype and GoToMeeting.

We have proven experience in:

  • Desktop and mobile application support
  • Domain Name management (registration, transfer and DNS records)
  • Website hosting & support, including migration and maintenance of WordPress sites
  • WordPress training – one to one, or via email
  • Setup and management of cloud software, like G-Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Microsoft Office 365
  • Setting up routers, printers, wireless access points, and firewalls
  • VoIP Telephony (configuration of SIP-based telecoms)