Our core business is Web Design. It’s our passion – what we enjoy the most. No two websites are ever the same, and while they may share common design principles and technologies, we prefer to treat every project as though it was our first. Rather than forcing clients to use off-the-shelf packages made to do this, that and the other; we prefer to offer tailored solutions that meet your exacting needs.

Common web design scenarios include:

  • A new business wants their first website
  • A business already has a website and wants it refreshed
  • A business wants a complete website overhaul
  • A company likes their site but wants to get more from it, to make it “earn its keep”.
  • An organisation has built a site themselves (often with website builders) but needs help to tidy up the loose ends
  • A company wants a landing page for their new product/service

Our Approach

While every website is different, we try and stick to a standard process – this helps to identify potential issues before they become a problem.

This methodology is continuously evolving as we meet more businesses and discover new tools. The underlying principle is clear communication in a relaxed, yet professional, manner. If at any stage we have a concern, we’ll get in contact and discuss it with you rather than going down the wrong path:

  1. We have an introductory chat about the client’s requirements via email/telephone/Skype.
  2. We go away and think things through, then meet the client (if possible) and have an open face-to-face discussion, offering a recommended approach to their requirements.
  3. We then prepare some wireframes, and a style guide, to show the client how the website will function, what the design will look like and how the site will be structured.
  4. Then, and only if everything is agreed, will we start the actual build process. We either build a site from scratch or leverage existing applications and pre-made templates to accelerate development (based on budget and timescale).
  5. Once the foundations are set, we sit down again with the client and confirm the website is to their satisfaction. You can never have enough pairs of eyes at this crucial stage, and some clients like to consult their clients.
  6. When the copy (content) has been approved and added to the site, we fit the images. It is essential that rich media is contextual, and looks professional. We can source high-quality stock images from our preferred libraries, or you can provide your own. All photos will be optimised for the Web so that they load faster and help, wherever possible, with the site’s search engine ranking.
  7. Then we sit down again with the client, show the completed site and discuss ways in which it might be improved. This often results in developing both a short-term and long-term plan.
  8. Depending on the previous step, we do a final polish and launch the website.
  9. After the launch we will continue to monitor the website for a month (or extended period), making sure it is working efficiently.
  10. We will also introduce the site to search engines to help get your site noticed and possibly make recommendations where your site could be cross-linked.

Post Launch

As mentioned above, we try to establish a long-term plan for your website. Remember that a website should continue to evolve with the business and always be kept current. Keeping your site fresh with regular blog posts and company news will also help with your search engine rankings and customer engagement levels.

We also offer a WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Plan for companies who do not have the internal resource needed to keep their website up-to-date.