Modern Systems, Classic Care

No two websites are ever the same, and while they may share universal design principles and technologies, I prefer to treat every project as though it was my first. Rather than forcing clients to use off-the-shelf packages made to do this, that and the other; I offer tailored solutions that meet your exacting needs and budget.

Businesses might want a simple brochure website to establish their online presence, or maybe a landing page for a new app/product or service, a more advanced membership website, or even an online store.

How the website is built varies tremendously – from popular open source applications like WordPress, coding frameworks like CodeIgniter and jQuery, through to bespoke hand-written code and long-established software like Adobe Dreamweaver. Many businesses don’t mind how a website is built, as long as the site delivers what it needs to – so why not leave all the technical mumbo-jumbo and forgettable acronyms to me?

And just because your third-party website wasn’t designed with a membership section, an online store or an event calendar that doesn’t mean to say it can’t be retrofitted – people often want their existing websites to be expanded and improved.

A person coding with a laptop computer
Website Coding
Web Design Consultation (decorative photo)
Website Planning

My Approach to Web Design

My approach to web design is continuously evolving as I meet more businesses and discover new tools. The underlying principle is clear communication in a relaxed, yet professional, manner.

1. Research and Analysis

allowing me to gain an understanding of what you want to achieve, about how your business works, your intended audience and any competitors.

2. Planning

identifying the best technology to use; defining the initial site structure; establishing data collection points and handling.

3. Core Design

the creation of wireframes (a visual overview), style guides (your colours, fonts and formatting), identifying the need and contextual placement for stock imagery or bespoke digital photography.

4. Content

either creating copy for your website or optimising the words which you have provided. Ensuring the messaging is succinct and any rich media (photos and videos) are optimised (for speed and quality) and then used contextually (used to enrich the written copy – never just for decoration).

5. Development

client-side coding using web technologies (HTML, CSS and jQuery); coupled with server-side scripting using PHP and database SQL. I can either create from scratch, leverage coding frameworks, or build upon open source applications like WordPress.

6. Testing

making sure the website works across multiple devices and browsers, ensuring all the interactive features work as intended, making sure all the links work.

7. Education / Training

ensuring the people who will be posting blogs, changing content and looking after the site are comfortable before the site is launched.

8. Launch

I will monitor the website for an initial period, correcting any issues that arise, and helping to introduce the site to the main search engines.

9. Post Launch

I can offer a maintenance plan, additional user training and a roadmap to introduce new features based upon the achievement of defined goals.