Helping you to run your own website

As many businesses will know, launching a website is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Especially if it is hosted on a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla.

You’ll need to apply regular application and plugin updates, do security checks, tweak existing content and graphics, add new content, change the website structure etc. Any of which has the potential to cause disruption to your website and to your day!

Education / Training

And then there is the task of educating your staff. Chances are that one person was originally shown what to do when the website was launched and that person has either forgotten or has since been replaced.

How We Can Help

For a low monthly cost we will help keep your website running as smoothly as possible. We can help document how it works, educate your staff or even do the work on your behalf. We can also add new features with our web design service or replace tired-looking imagery with our own bespoke photography.

What about web hosting and “technical” issues?

We can even communicate directly with your own choice of web hosting partner and/or domain registrar if you need technical assistance and don’t want the frustration of trying to get through to the right people or have difficulty getting past the usual “canned responses”.

We have been dealing with web hosting companies and Internet Service Providers for the best part of two decades!


Please talk with us, it need not cost anything and might make all the difference to your business (and your sanity!).